Elen’s Island

Elen’s Island is set in fictionalised versions of Tenby and Caldey & Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire. 

Book Trust’s Advent Calendar choice 2015!

Selected for the BookTrust Letterbox pack 2017!

With whispers of mermaids, potions and buried treasure it is an irresistible combination. Filled with just the right amount of mystery, intrigue and the unknown it would make the perfect summer read for children aged 6 and over. ‘Elen’s Island’ has a real timeless appeal which is enchanting and truly charming. Book Lover Jo



Some Elen’s Island activity suggestions from Family Evans-Crittens

  • Draw or paint a picture of the fictional Aberglad and the island – Clue: Aberglad is really Tenby in Pembrokeshire and the island is based on Caldey and Skomer.

  • Go to a beach and describe what you see, hear, taste and touch. Try to include similes and metaphors if you can!

  • Go on a walk and make a map of the area, so your friends/family can explore it too.

  • Decorate a memory box or treasure chest to store all your favourite memories from your summer adventure.

  • Choose a word and write an acrostic poem.

  • Make a tin or jar garden lantern. Put a candle in it and see how pretty the garden looks in the dark.

  • Make a shell garland to hang in your garden.

  • Make a sea glass garden hanging decoration.

  • Make CD hanging decorations.

‘This book is magical! It’s evocative of the wild beauty of Wales and has the feel of classic British children’s literature – Aberglad is like a Welsh Kirrin Island, and the result of Elen and Rowan’s treasure hunt is a heartwarming message about the enduring power of family and love.’ Sharon Fried-Jones, Book Trust.

‘Eloise has crafted a beautifully written and magical tale that will keep readers, both young and old, enthralled from the first funny sentence right through to the final, poignant conclusion.’ BB Skone, Western Telegraph

I love the Character Elen because she is so nice and sweet.

The naughty boy is really funny too,

I think you should keep writing books like that because they are great!’ Liam, age 9, Powys.


Elen’s Island