The Curio Collectors

Lily and Tom travel the county with Ma Hawker, enthralling crowds with their amazing collection of curios. Always on the lookout for new wonders, Lily is tricked into buying a worthless bag of rubbish. But hidden within is a special piece of scrimshaw. A young woman called Flora Meriweather is desperate to buy the scrimshaw, hoping it can help her solve a mystery surrounding her late mother. But someone else also wants to get his hands on the scrimshaw and ensure that secrets stay hidden in the past. Can the Curio Collectors help the truth come to light?

“A charming tale of curiosity, mystery and friendship.” — NetGalley Review
“Pacy, funny and sad, absolutely lovable characters. Couldn’t ask for more.” — NetGalley Review
“Eloise’s magic shines summerlike in this delightful, easy-to-read tale … A perfect short story that delights and encourages younger and reluctant readers alike.” — NetGalley Review
“Great historical fiction for young readers!” — Teacher, NetGalley Review
“This was a really unique and fun read, I loved going to a different era and seeing what these children’s lives were like, I really loved following them on their adventure and solving the mystery.” — NetGalley Review
“Personally, Eloise Williams and Barrington Stoke are a dream team and The Curio Collectors did not disappoint! Full of mystery and adventure with the hints of danger I find in all Eloise Williams books I found myself willing Lil and Tom on to the very end.” — Teacher, NetGalley Review
“This was absolutely delightful. The plot was well-paced and captivating from start to finish. The characters were charming and witty.” — NetGalley Review

Cover design by Anna Shepeta

“I really liked the concept of a story exploring the lives of the travelling community and would love to see more fiction for children written in that setting, and exploring the values and lifestyle of children who lived in it.” — NetGalley Review
“The discovery of a long-lost carving sparks new friendships, which leads to the unmasking of a criminal plot in this captivating adventure from former Children’s Laureate Wales Eloise Williams … it has suspense, excitement and a touch of mystery.” — NetGalley Review

We have recently been learning about Mary Anning so my children are familiar with the idea of curios being found and sold to others. I can’t wait to share this with them as it will make a super whole class read out loud story.” — NetGalley Review

A sprinkling of adventure, a dash of mystery, a dastardly crime and the magic of collecting and trading curios combine in a story that is as spectacular as Ma Hawker’s cabinet of curiosities … a beautifully written historical tale from the fabulous Eloise Williams … Suspense, mystery and shady goings-on enthral, whilst messages of doing the right thing and helping those who need it most are welcomed.” — NetGalley Review

Points to the author for shattering the gender stereotype of girls/women in historical children’s fiction … All in all, this is a quick, interesting and fun story that would appeal to young readers who love tales of adventure and mystery.” — NetGalley Review

“An adventurous and imaginative tale … Lil’s voice felt very authentic and I loved the small but vibrant cast … a perfect blend of magic, mystery and mayhem that will appeal to young readers!” — NetGalley Review

“What a brilliant historical mystery adventure with great illustrations by Anna Shepeta.” – Jo Bowers, Just Imagine