The Tide Singer

‘The sound and taste of the sea roll through this story, wild, strange and powerful, the strength of a storm matched by Morwenna’s quiet kindness and compassion. An unforgettable story.’ Andrea Reece, Love Reading 4 Kids.

The Tide Singer is a beautiful story, exquisitely told with nature, myth and legend swirling together and carrying you along on the crest of this exciting, mysterious, page turner that has the distinct feel of a classic. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.’ Julia Thum. 

‘With the action taking place at night and on windswept, gloomy days, it is the perfect read to curl up with when it’s blowing a gale outside. Williams’ compelling storytelling and Ro’s moody illustrations deliver an unforgettable read, all in under one-hundred gripping pages.’ A Word About Books.

I loved getting to know Morwenna … I also loved the beautiful lyrical descriptions of the weather and the wild around the island … This is a brilliant short story packed with adventure and peril, magic and mystery, family, community and friendship … A captivating fantasy with an important message for us all’ Jennie, Edspire.

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